Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Template Packs with Unique Elements

Two new template packs in the shop. These packs take some basic shapes and offer fun ways to create interesting layouts. Stitch N Dots and Parallels are on sale until Friday, March 10, 2017 for $2 each.

Stitch N Dots

The Stitch N Dots pack features lots of circles with textured stitches and stitched holes so you don't have to try and find circular stitches. Each stitch provides a 3-D effect. Once you add the paper of your choice, you have an instant pop of color and fun. The backgrounds are grunge-brushed so you can recolor or clip paper for instant texture. Each photo spot contains a frame to help provide a border to your photos.


The Parallels template pack uses the edges of the page to create a focal point with opposite accent images. Add some whimsical borders and paint for a complete look. You will have fun with this pack as you use unique shapes for your main images. Each main spot has coordinating frames and paper layers, so no guesswork for you.

Creative Team Layouts

Here are some examples using Stitch N Dots:

Here are some layouts using Parallels:

Enjoy playing with these template packs! I hope you are able to add some fantastic layouts to your scrapbooks with them.

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