Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Template Packs with Unique Elements

Two new template packs in the shop. These packs take some basic shapes and offer fun ways to create interesting layouts. Stitch N Dots and Parallels are on sale until Friday, March 10, 2017 for $2 each.

Stitch N Dots

The Stitch N Dots pack features lots of circles with textured stitches and stitched holes so you don't have to try and find circular stitches. Each stitch provides a 3-D effect. Once you add the paper of your choice, you have an instant pop of color and fun. The backgrounds are grunge-brushed so you can recolor or clip paper for instant texture. Each photo spot contains a frame to help provide a border to your photos.


The Parallels template pack uses the edges of the page to create a focal point with opposite accent images. Add some whimsical borders and paint for a complete look. You will have fun with this pack as you use unique shapes for your main images. Each main spot has coordinating frames and paper layers, so no guesswork for you.

Creative Team Layouts

Here are some examples using Stitch N Dots:

Here are some layouts using Parallels:

Enjoy playing with these template packs! I hope you are able to add some fantastic layouts to your scrapbooks with them.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lots of New Templates for 50% Off

I am going to jump right in to all the new releases over the last week, which are all on sale for 50% off. And there are some new freebies for you to collect. Each pack is $2 until February 16, 2017.

Corner Deco Templates

The new template pack Corner Deco has custom corners and lots of photo spots with custom frames. These are great for those events where you snapped a lot of photos. The decorative corners create a focal point to draw the eyes to one part of the page and help move the eyes across the layout. These pages will provide fun layers to make your pages stand out.

Fast Grids Valentine Templates

Fast Grids Valentine are the next set in the Fast Grids series. This set uses two sets of page frames to let you play with lots of digital paper and many photos. It is the unconventional pocket page with clean lines and borders. And the depth!?! Yes, these provide several layers of shadows to create a "pop off the page" look.

Reel Masks Templates

The reel frames are back! Reel Masks take the viewmaster frames you love and mix them with custom paint masks for either a large photo or a digital paper you really want featured on your page. Each opening of the reel frame has a photo spot so you can add a lot of images. This is great for those times you have snapped a lot of photos from an event or a sequence of events.

Postcards Love Templates

I have to admit, I enjoyed making this kit. Postcards Love combine the page frames similar to the Fast Grids and Story Grids series, with elements which hang over the edges. With Valentine's Day around the corner, it absolutely made sense to create a set with hearts. This style might show up on some future template packs! Just different shapes for other holidays.

Free Templates

I have two new template freebies. Gift for You 21 will be in the newsletter during the month of February. And Gift for You 22 is available on the LissyKay Facebook page.

Have fun playing with all the new goodies in the shop! And be sure to pick up the new freebies to add to your stash! I do hope you have an enjoyable Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Year Template Pack to Start Things Off

It is mid January of the new year, and like many I have spent time trying to figure out what I am missing, where I need to improve and how will I approach any changes I need. This template pack started off as a personal project to include more of my journal writing into my scrapbooks. I want to create visual representations of what I am writing because for me it sticks. Art has a way of making it more final and somehow manageable. And since I am not a big fan of resolutions, I went in the direction of goals, plans, to-do lists and basic journal writing.

New Year New Me is a way for you to make your own personal statement for 2017 regarding your dreams and needs. And I learned from my creative team, these templates have far reaching uses outside of new year make overs. They are great for any list: what to do on a trip, wedding plans, school events...just to name a few.

This pack is on sale for $2 until January 24, 2017.

Here are some fabulous layouts from my creative team to give you ideas on how to use New Year New Me.


I hope you enjoy playing with this template pack. I am quite enamored with it and look forward to using all the pages for my own book!

Have a wonderful start to your new year!