Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daily Download Day 3 Freebie Available

It is day 3 of my designer spotlight and daily download. Head over to pick up the February 18, 2016 template. Today's free pack is a 12x12 template. I loved making this template so much that I actually considered not putting it in the collection. I thought about making a whole kit just around this theme...but then I realized I really wanted to include it because it is so fun!

Here is more of the story about this template, which I shared on the LissyKay Facebook page: This particular page didn't start off as a sketch. The inspiration came from an unexpected place. My daughter is 15 and really wanted to make a collage on her wall of all her photos with family, friends and places she went. She also wanted to incorporate her art, album covers and whatever else it is teenage girls love. She started putting items on the wall and it looked beyond disorganized. This OCD gal could not handle it. So we came up with an idea to create visual anchor points. Instead of just scattering photos all over her wall, we made visual eye paths with long pieces of scrapbook paper. The paper was all the same size so as not to distract from her pictures and canvases. It was neat to see how these symmetrical lines provided a feeling of organization, even among the asymmetrical photos. The same concept was applied to this page. You have a mini version of what we are working on in my daughter's room. Your eyes know where to start, your brain is happy there are recognizable places to move along the path and you don't feel overwhelmed by the variety.

How is that for a little psychology and how I apply it to my scrapbook art!?

Some gals on my creative team came up with some cute pages using this template:


Daily Download Important Links

Don't forget to keep checking back to pick up the remaining Daily Download pieces. I will share more posts throughout the week regarding each of the packs. In the meantime, keep scrapping. Also, share your layouts in the LissyKay gallery. And everyone who posts a page with one of my templates to the forum challenge will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card to my shop. Visit the forum thread for all the details: February 16-23 Designer Spotlight Challenge Thread.

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