Monday, January 4, 2016

Scrap the Important Things with My Turn Templates

I am really excited to share the first template kit of 2016. I had actually planned to launch new kits the week after the holiday, but a personal journey had different plans for me. I spent most of the holiday contemplating life and where I personally am. With that, I made some decisions to focus on what is most important to me, because thoughts can really lead to action. And that is how I go to this new digital scrapbook template kit My Turn.

My Turn allows you to create a focal point with the unique shape photo spot, and fill in all the important things in life for that photo. Each of the small photo spots contain custom frames to help give them a pop. The kit is ready to be picked up and is on sale for $2.

My creative team really embraced this kit the way I did. Each were able to use it in a way to show personal celebrations, as well as fun family moments. Here are their masterpieces!


I hope you continue to have a blessed new year. I will be back soon with the January freebies and an announcement of a fun collaboration which will mean more free templates for you!

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