Friday, January 29, 2016

Story Grids Arc Value Pack

A new Story Grids template pack is in the shop. The theme of this value pack is Arcs. A combination of half and quarter circles are peppered throughout page frames to give you a photo call out. The Story Grids Arc pack is on special for only $1 until February 14, 2015. Here is a look at the template pack, but look below for some sample layouts so you can see how to use them.

Creative team member Maria chose a template to tell a zoo story. See how she used the arc to highlight a map. This image enhances the story she is telling through her photos. Combined with the hanging monkey, you can't help but feel like you are part of the African story.

Creative team member Barbara used the arc to create a mood and title box for her beach photos. She really used the space to create her own beach scene and set up a breathtaking layout.

What makes these templates easy to use are the photo and paper spots. Just clip and photo or paper in each spot. The page frame creates a clean line around the boxes and arcs. You can add elements into the boxes or on top of the frames. The arcs allow you to highlight specific photos or the theme.

If you have not tried any of the past Story Grids, you can pick them up for only $2.50 until February 14, 2016. Story Grids, Story Grids Curve and Story Grids Scenic are all set up with the same page frame and fun photo/paper boxes.


Monday, January 25, 2016

January Mixology Time: Pop of Life

It is that time of month when the Mixology kits are now live in the shop! The color palette this month is not one you might expect for January, but after all the cold and snow in my part of the world, I don't mind playing with bright colors!

Two kits are now in the LissyKay shop, one pocket page and one traditional. Both template packs are on sale for $1.20 until February 7th.

Pop of Life Kit 1

The Mixology colors this month screamed a little more of a cartoon feel, so I added elements you don't normally find on pocket page scrapbook templates. Pop of Life Kit 1 has doodle lines, talk bubbles and crazy frames will make your layouts stand out from the usual pocket page or Project Life scrapbook layouts. Tell a story through photos and words, whether it is your weekly life or a theme. And there are still places for elements and fun papers. The possibilities are endless!

Pop of Life Kit 2

The second Mixology template pack merges larger photos with a series of photos. I know I tend to need scrapbook pages where I get a feel of the scene, but want to show close ups of the who and what. Pop of Life Kit 2 gives you those options. And the prompts show easy ways to add borders, stitches and words on top of your photos. Multiple paper layers underneath the photo masks really adds depth and color to your scrapbook layouts.

I hope you enjoy playing with these fun and versatile template packs. Please share your layouts with me! I love seeing what scrappers make with my templates. Leave a link here or post on the LissyKay Facebook page.

2 For the Show Templates Next in Series

A few weeks ago I released a template pack called 3 To Get scrapbook templates focusing on 3-photo spots. Next up in the series is 2 For the Show. And yes, this one focuses on 2-photo spot scrapbook layouts.

The creative team came up with these great samples using 2 For the Show:


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Templates Part of a Past and Present Series

I am very late letting you know about the new releases. Some family hiccups kept me from getting this posted and the newsletter out. So I will jump right in!

There are two new template packs in the shop. One is a continuation of a series I have been asked to bring back. The second is the first in a series you will see more of soon! Both packs are 50% off, so only $2 each.

3 to Get Ready

3 to Get Ready is designed with three photos in mind. Tell a story through a sequence of images or share a variety of your favorite photos. There are not a lot of elements, but don't let that stop you! Add to your hearts content. The custom-made frames and backgrounds give you a chance to play with papers to build one-of-a-kind layouts. If you recognize the title, you might be able to guess which packs will be coming up in the next few weeks...

My Story Volume 7

I have had some requests to bring back the My Story templates. Past ones are still in the shop, so here is a new one for the collection. My Story Volume 7 follows the same format as past My Story template packs. All have a page frame, combining a pocket page with the fun of traditional layouts. Each box has a mask to clip photos or papers to. And you can see from examples that more depth can be added when applying elements to to the top of the page frame. Don't forget, you can recolor or clip paper to the page frame for a fully customized layout.

The CT have made some great layouts to show you a variety of ways to use these template packs. First up, layouts using 3 to Get Ready.


And layouts with My Story Volume 7:


I hope you enjoy these new kits. Don't forget, I love hearing from my customers, or friends as I prefer to call you! Share your layouts with me either in the comments or on the LissyKay Facebook page. Now, off to the newsletter. And don't worry, if you just signed up in the last week, you will still have a chance to collect all the January template freebies.

Have a safe and wonderful week!

Sparkle & Shine,

Monday, January 4, 2016

Template Freebies for January 2016

The new template freebies for January 2016 are now available. There are three you can collect. All contain PSD, TIFF, PNG and PAGE formats.

Gift for You 10

The first free template is Gift for You 10 and is available right here. Simply click on the image or click here to download the files.

Gift for You 11

The second free template, Gift for You 11, is available on the LissyKay Facebook page. Click on the image to go there. If you are already on Facebook, visit the "Notes" section for this freebie, as well as past Facebook freebies.

Gift for You 12

Finally, Gift for You 12 is available in the newsletter being sent out January 5, 2016. If you sign up after this date, the template will be resent at the end of the week. Click on the image or click here to sign up for the newsletter. New freebies are sent each month, so being a subscriber does have benefits.

I hope you enjoy scrapbooking with these new template freebies! And as always, I would love to see your work. You can share with a link in the comments or post on the LissyKay Facebook page.

New Template Video Tutorials and Freebies Series

I am so excited to announce a new venture for LissyKay and LBScraps. We have launched a new series in which I provide an exclusive free template and Lori shows you tips on how to use them. You can see the Special Sauce tutorial and pick up the free template via the YouTube video page.

Throughout the year there will be new templates and videos. Lori has really mastered techniques and can simplify the scrapbooking process. These are great for scrappers of any level. Lori converts for several designers, making templates available in the popular PAGE format. So of course she has learned a few things along the way. Fortunately, not all videos will be PAGE/Artisan only. And even when there is a video with more Artisan instruction, there are still great tips which can be used in any program. Don't worry, there will be tips for Photoshop, Photoshop elements, as well as other programs we can get our hands on. And the free templates will always include PSD, TIFF, PNG and PAGE formats.

So here is a close up look at the first Special Sauce 1 template. Why Special Sauce? Well, that could be Lori's husband's fault. We were trying to come up with a name for the series and he was watching Myth Busters at the time. It was a wonderfully silly collision of forces!

Here is the layout Lori made while producing the tutorial.

We would love to see what you make, as well as any feedback you might have. And I am always happy to have suggestions for future templates. Just leave a comment, or if you would like you can email me. You may also leave a comment or post your layout on the LissyKay Facebook page.

Enjoy scrapping and learning a few things while you do it!

Scrap the Important Things with My Turn Templates

I am really excited to share the first template kit of 2016. I had actually planned to launch new kits the week after the holiday, but a personal journey had different plans for me. I spent most of the holiday contemplating life and where I personally am. With that, I made some decisions to focus on what is most important to me, because thoughts can really lead to action. And that is how I go to this new digital scrapbook template kit My Turn.

My Turn allows you to create a focal point with the unique shape photo spot, and fill in all the important things in life for that photo. Each of the small photo spots contain custom frames to help give them a pop. The kit is ready to be picked up and is on sale for $2.

My creative team really embraced this kit the way I did. Each were able to use it in a way to show personal celebrations, as well as fun family moments. Here are their masterpieces!


I hope you continue to have a blessed new year. I will be back soon with the January freebies and an announcement of a fun collaboration which will mean more free templates for you!