Friday, December 18, 2015

Three New Free Templates as a Holiday Gift

Christmas goodies are here. I decided to keep this year's freebies generic so you might be able to use them, regardless of which holiday you choose to celebrate. I have so much love and respect for each of my customers (really friends) and just want to tell you thank you for all you have done for my self esteem and healing.

There are a total of three templates. All are in the style of the My Story family of templates. I have had so many requests to make more, so I am kicking off with free ones!

Gift for You 7 is available right here on my website. Click on the image to download or you may click here.

Gift for You 8 is on my Facebook page. You may head over there to grab it.

Gift for You 9 will be in this weekend's newsletter. In a few days I will go back over the subscriber list and send this template out to anyone who signed up after the initial newsletter.

I am going to spend the holidays going back and finding all the freebies from the last 2 years. I will make all of them available as freebies, again. You will not have to spend any money for them. They were meant as gifts, and I will keep them as gifts.

Have a terrific holiday season. May you have peace and love in your heart and home.

LissyKay Designs 

Did You Miss this Free Template?

With it being the end of the year, I am making sure those who missed this free template last year can grab it now! This was available last year on Scrap Stacks, but you can pick up just by clicking on the preview or by clicking here. This digital scrapbook template is a quick way to recap your year. You can drop the month names if you want to use it for another theme. Make what you want!! All four file types are available. Stay tuned, more free ones to come!

Going Sideways with New Templates

A new digital scrapbook template is in the shop! Sideways is the latest, and probably best reflection of my crazy brain. A little bit of pocket scrapping, with a little bit of traditional and a big dose of me. I hope you enjoy this fun play on different styles of scrapbooking! This set is 50% off, only $2.

If you would like to know the font I used, you can pick it up free. It is called Dancing Script, one of my favorite cursive fonts.

Here are a few layouts from my CT to give you an idea of different ways to use Sideways.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Templates: One Christmas, One Not

The weekend is upon us and in digital scrapbook world that means new kits! There are two new template kits in the LissyKay shop. This Christmas and Panorama are both on sale at 50% off, whichs means $2 each for the next 7 days.

This Christmas is the kind of pages I like for those family holiday photos. A big spot to show off that one photo. With this year's family portrait kit I decided to make my own embellishments so that you could create a Christmas layout without really having to use a holiday kit. You still can, go for it. But if you have not found one that quite fits what you are looking for, simply recolor or clip digital paper to the pieces. Customize your layout!

Panorama blends the need for scenic, landscape photos with zoomed in images. I think of the time I was in New Zealand and took so many gorgeous beach shots. But the story was not all there if I just scrapped the beach. So I found it easy to make a spot for the scene, then add individual photos of the who and what were involved.

Enjoy scrapping and more to come next week, including a little holiday treat!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Dear Santa Template Kit is New and On Sale

The holidays are here and in full swing. "Dear Santa" is a new template kit in the shop. This is a fun way to help capture those moments our little ones have a few things to ask jolly old St. Nick.

Each template has a unique paper mask to help enhance the letter-writing mood. Notebook papers and various sizes allow you to type a letter directly onto the scrapbook page. You can also scan or photograph the letter and use it like a photo or element on your page. The postage stamp photo frames further enhance the letter feel. Place photos of your little one writing their letter, chatting with Santa or opening gifts from their wish list.

There are fun layers of paint to add some depth and oomph. It also provides a way to make your scrapbook papers look a little different, change them up a bit. Plus, I love the feel of paint because it reminds me of inking actual cards and scrapbook pages. It is just fun!

Dear Santa is on sale at 50% off. You can pick up this fun-filled template pack for only $2 between now and December 10, 2015.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

We Might Call it Black Friday, but it is SOOO Much Better Than That!

I am sure you are seeing a lot of specials from a lot of designers, as is the tradition of the post-Thanksgiving holiday. So I will jump right in to what is happening at LissyKay.

The shop is 50% between now and December 1, 2015.

There are 4 $1 new releases in the shop. They will be on sale through December 1, 2015. Here is a quick look at the template packs Tipsy, Holiday Greetings, Story Grids Curve and Story Grids Scenic.

And what would a celebration be without freebies?! Here are the 3 free templates you can collect:

A Gift for You 4 will be in the this weekend's newsletter. If you sign up for the newsletter after the email is sent, you will still receive this template. I will do a 2nd email end of next week to all new sign ups and this will be in your inbox. Sign up for the newsletter here.

A Gift for You 5 is the new website freebie. You can download it directly from this post. Just click on the kit preview or click here to start download.

Finally, this template is on the LissyKay Facebook page. Pop over to pick up this whimsy gratitude template.

I do hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. And if it wasn't a holiday, please stay safe, too. Enjoy scrapping with all the new goodies!!

Sparkle & Shine!

Friday, November 27, 2015

November Mixology $1.20 Template Packs

The November 2015 Mixology packs are in the shop. The template packs are on sale for $1.20 each until December 7, 2015. Take a look at the two packs I have for you:

Closely Knit 1 is a pocket-page template pack with custom photo spots, page stitches and a variety of paper with elements to create one-of-a-kind life project pages. You can use these really for any theme and be able to add a lot of photos with organization!

Closely Knit 2 uses geometric shapes to provide depth and appealing focal points. You can recolor the shapes, clip paper or replace them with elements from your favorite scrapbook kits. The scallop borders are custom made and feature open circles to give you an additional layer of depth. Sometimes it is the little things that make spectacular scrapbook pages!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Heart is in Paris Free Template

I grew up in a military family and was lucky enough to spend time in Europe as a child and later as an adult. France has a special place in my heart. Probably more so because half my family heritage stems from France. And the other side of my family from England were some of the first colonists in the American colonies. Later generations would help lead the American forces in revolution.The French were a big part of that success.

When disaster strikes, I have to do something or I feel helpless. While watching the news and working on some future kits, I started to play around with a little template freebie. It is nothing fancy. Just a little bit of my heart which needed a little bit of balm tonight.

Please accept this simple template and offer prayers for all those impacted by the horrendous Paris terrorist attacks. Download links are by file type after the image.

Download links by file type

Feeling Framed Templates in Shop

A new template kit is in the shop and at 50% off until November 19, 2015. For $2 you can pick up Feeling Framed, a template pack with custom-made frames with a variety of rectangles and squares. This is not your typical pocket page template kit. This changes it up a lot.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Digital Scrapbook Day 2015 Sales and Freebies

Happy Digital Scrapbook Day! It is a day many of us scrappers look forward to because of the great deals. I know I am trying to get my list of wants turned into a list of haves.

I know I have been a little sporadic in my designing. Surgeries and treatment kept me out of commission. Finally back to being creative and getting back on schedule. So here are the goodies available this weekend:

Sale on whole shop for 50% off. This will allow you to pick up some favorites on your wish list or grab some of the newer templates at the price they were on their initial release. The sale will run till end of day November 9, 2015.

$1 new releases. There is a fun custom frames template pack Spotlight and a 12-pack pocket/project type pack called Story Grids.

Finally, collect the freebies. Gift for You 1 is here on the website. Gift for You 2 is in the newsletter sent out Saturday night. Gift for You 3 is on the LissyKay Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy the goodies. It is so wonderful to be back among the creative. I really have missed seeing beautiful scrapbook pages and being inspired by those around me.

Sparkle & Shine!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gift For You 1 Free Template

It is about time I get a new template freebie posted. This one will be featured on the LissyKay Facebook page, but is available to download here on the website. So here is the new template! Click on the image to download.

Be sure to check the newsletter going out this weekend for another template freebie! Thank you for your support and being amazing customers/friends!

Lots of Love!

October Mixology

There is still time to pick up the current Mixology kits. These templates are on sale for $1.20 until November 7, 2015. Here are the template packs available: Rustic Kit 1 and Rustic Kit 2.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Look Here Templates in the Shop

I finally have a break from surgeries, or as I can them, medical torture. It is lovely to get back to some design time. And so there are new templates in the shop!

Needing some layouts to feature a big scene with some individual call-out photos led to the Look Here templates. Custom frames are sitting on big photos so you can tell a story through images.

The kit is in the shop and on sale for 50% off. So for only $2, you will have a fun new kit with all the photo spots, one of a kind frames and artsy paint spots for depth. The kit is on sale between now and October 15, 2015.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Mixology: Pocket Page Templates

It is Mixology time at GDS!! This month's theme is Home Sweet Home. These pocket page templates gives you lots of space to make pages about love at home. The kit is on sale for $1.20 until July 7, 2015.

Daily Download: Free Templates

Between now and June 30, 2015, you can pick up free templates over in the LissyKay GDS shop. Be sure to visit each day to pick up the free template of the day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Artistic Flair: New Template in Shop

A new template kit is now in the LissyKay GoDigitalScrapbooking shop. And this time around, I am playing with paint!

Artistic Flair is designed with the idea of adding a little bit of artsy to your scrapbook pages. Using acrylic paint strokes adds fun and visual depth to your layouts. You can recolor or clip paper to each of the paint layers. The kit is on sale for $2 until Thursday, June 25, 2015.

Here are some sample layouts from my creative team:


Monday, June 15, 2015

Kits Added to GDS Shop

The following kits are now in the GoDigitalScrapbooking shop. These were previous releases at other shops. They are also part of the 40% off sale going on this week.