Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Making it Easy to Scrap Your Holiday Pics

In listening to both my creative team and my fabulous customers, this week's new releases are all about making it easier to scrap the photos you are shooting during the holidays. There are three template kits available and they are all 50% off this week.

That Silly Elf

If you have an elf visiting your home this holiday season, then these templates will help you scrap the fun your family is having as they discover the elf antics each morning. The templates are set up to tell the story and chronicle your Elf on the Shelf adventure. If you don't have an elf, the templates are flexible to work with other photo projects, like My December Project or a 12 Days of Christmas photo anthology. So many different things happen each day in this busy month and you don't want to miss a single memorable moment.

Here are the pages the creative team came up with:

Festival of Lights

The beauty and traditions around Hanukkah are easy to scrap with this template kit specifically set up to scrap special moments and chronicle what you do throughout the 8 days of the celebration. Filled with iconic Hanukkah images, you can simply recolor or clip paper to these custom-made pieces. If you have a Hanukkah kit, simply replace the template embellishments for the ones in your kit.

The creative team put together these inspiring pages, with most using the new kit "Hanukkah Oy" by Clever Monkey Graphics. It is a wonderful Hanukkah kit and works perfectly with my template kit.

The Best Part

Custom-made frames with connected pop out frames are the heart of this template kit. Show off a large photo, then zoom in to specific parts of that photo or add additional photos which focus closer in on the event you are scrapping. These templates are a unique and fun way to add multiple photos to your layout and still tell a cohesive story. The frames can be recolored or have paper clipped to them. Regardless of what you choose, you will have layouts you can be most proud of.

The CT knocked it out with these pages:

Have a wonderful week and if it is snowing where you live, please stay warm!!!

Sparkle & Shine!

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