Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tutorial: Those Black Frames - Ideas on how to change them.

by Nancy aka physioscrapper
Creative Team Member for LissyKay Designs

A number of LissyKay templates have a solid black frame as part of its design.  It is used as a frame for pictures and often to separate the different areas in a block design.  Black works for most pictures and is a wonderful contrast against colored papers; but what if you wish to change it to work with your photos or theme better?  I am going to show you several different techniques you can use.

This tutorial is written with examples for Photoshop (PS) and Photoshop Elements (PSE), but the techniques should be able to be transferred to other photo editing programs.

I am going to use a template in Wired Templates by LissyKay Designs  as my example.

1.  Clipping a paper to the frame.
Perhaps the easiest way to change the color and texture of the frame is to clip a paper to the frame layer.
Highlight the frame layer.
Drag a paper from the kit you are using to make a layer ABOVE the frame layer.
Clip the paper to the frame layer:  Highlight the paper layer.
In PSE:  Hold down Control/Command (on a Mac) + G
In PS:  Hold down Control/ Command (on a Mac) + Alt/Option + G
You can tell it is clipped by the paper suddenly being attached to the frame, AND by the little arrow that points from the paper layer to the frame layer.
You can also clip the paper to the frame by holding down ALT/Option and at the same time hovering your cursor on the line between the paper layer and frame layer.  When you see a little arrow appear, left click. 
2.  Recolor the frame.
There are several ways of recoloring objects in Photoshop and PSE, but the easiest way to get the exact Hue or color is by using a Hue/Saturation  adjustment layer.
There is a trick to doing this... because the frame is Black, we must desaturate the black color FIRST, before we can add a color to it.
To desaturate, we will go:
In PSE:  Enhance ---> Adjust color ---> Remove color.
In PS:  Image ----> Adjustments ----> Desaturate.  (Shortcut:  Shift +Ctrl/Com + U)
There will be no 'apparent' visual change to your black frame after doing this, but it allows color to now be applied.  With black you just have to trust that it occurred. :)
Next we must set the foreground color chip to the color we wish to change the frames too.
Click on the foreground color chip, a color panel appears. Choose a color you wish your frame to recolor to, OR move your cursor to the side, an eye dropper will appear, choose and click on a color from one of the papers or elements you have already placed on the page.

Next, in the layers panel highlight the frame layer.
Click on the adjustment layer icon in the layers panel. This may be at the top or bottom of your layers depending on the version.  In PS CC it is at the bottom.  From there choose Hue/Saturation. By highlighting the frame layer first, the adjustment layer will automatically be placed above the frame.

We are using this Hue/Saturation way of adjusting as it allows us to adjust the color in the future if we decide another color is better for our frames.  If you use the Hue/Saturation that is found under Enhance (in PSE) or Image (in PS) once you change the color, it is permanent. Using the adjustment layer Hue/Saturation you can tweak the shades at any time. 

Make sure your Hue/Saturation adjustment layer is above your frame layer and highlighted.
1.Clip the Hue/Saturation layer to your frame (so it effects ONLY the frame).
Highlight the hue/saturation layer.
In PSE:  Hold down Control/Command (on a Mac) + G
In PS:  Hold down Control/ Command (on a Mac) + Alt/Option + G
2. Click on the box icon in the brackets of the Hue/Saturation layer.
3. A Hue/Saturation properties box should appear.
4. Check COLORIZE.
5. Adjust the lightness slider first, then the saturation slider to get the exact shade you want on your frame.  By adjusting these 2 you should be able to get the exact shade you chose with the foreground color chip.  Do NOT touch the HUE slider unless you wish to change the color completely.
You can stop at this point with a colored frame that matches your papers and theme, or you can add some extras....
3.  Add Bevel and Pattern to the Frame
Double click on the fx icon (layer effects) and it brings up a huge panel with lots of options.
The one we use the most is drop shadow.  LissyKay templates already have a drop shadow applied to the frame, so you can choose to leave it or adjust it.

The one I like to play with is Bevels/ Emboss to give added depth to the frames.

Play around with the different settings until you find something that works for you.
You can give the frames different edges by adjusting the settings.

***One of the things to notice and adjust every time you use bevel, is the direction of shading. Just like your drop shadows, you want all the shadows to go in the same direction.  So if your drop shadows are at a 120º angle, so should the angle of reflection of the bevel be 120º. If you use 40º for drop shadows, then the bevel shadow should be 40º.

To further increase realism of the frames, click on PATTERNS under Emboss.
In the window that shows up, click on it, (or the little arrow right beside it) and choose a pattern or texture you'd like on your frame.  PSE and PS programs have some basic patterns preloaded for us to use.

I've left the scale larger than 'my normal' just so you can see how it is applied to the frame.
Lots of ideas for you to play with and further enjoy LissyKay's templates with black frames.
Have fun!
Here is one page that I made, recoloring the frame, adding a bevel and pattern texture to it.
Papers used in the template examples above come from the LissyKay Charity Collab -
Layout example uses: Wired Template by LissyKay Designs and Fall Doozy by Mandy King.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Releases, Including an Awareness Kit

This week's new releases are in the shops and of course are buy one, get one free. I really love the kits and had a blast making them. Something a little different, and something a little personal. Regardless of which you like, you will get both for the price of one. And with that you still get them at a discount. The kits are $3.20 each, but you only need to pay for one to get the links to both.


The Wired templates are block templates with a twist. Each template has a custom page frame which frame the photos and line the different sections of the page. Each section has a mask so you can quickly get the perfect shaped paper. Embellishments adorn the pages, taking advantage of the depth the page frame gives the page. These are all purpose templates which work for any topic and theme.

My {Awareness} Story

I knew when I started designing that I would make an awareness kit at some point. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer and have struggled to make a layout about it. Sometimes emotions make it hard to scrap specific events. So my thought was to design a kit to make it easier to create layouts which would honor the women who faced this terrible disease. At the same time, I wanted these templates to instill hope and be useful to other awareness stories. Two gals on my creative team have daughters who have battled diabetes all their lives and another gal who's child has autism. So this became more of a way to tell those stories, regardless of the illness and stage of the trial. All the words and images in My {Awareness} Story have multiple uses.

Creative Team Inspiration

My gals did it again: They made gorgeous layouts to show off this week's kits. First, layouts using Wired.


Here are their layouts using My {Awareness} Story:


On a Personal Note...

Thank you for all the messages, well wishes and prayers I have received over the last few weeks. I am getting ready for spine surgery number #15 on Monday and dread it. I woke up this morning to emails telling me about a gorgeous collaboration kit and gift donations from my designers across digiland. There are not enough words to express my shock and gratitude for all the work these ladies have done to help my little family. I love all of you and you have touched my family in such a way we will never forget. Once you join the digi world, you really join a creative family where we look out for one another. I never imagined I would be at the receiving end of such graciousness, but I am. My husband has also been emotionally moved by this magnificent gesture of love. I don't know how I will ever repay such gratitude. I can only hope and pray each of these women will be blessed beyond measure.

You can see what these women did by visiting either shop. Here is the collab kit:

And you can join in the activities and rewards in association with this massive kit:
GingerScraps layout contest and the GoDigitalScrapbooking quick page exchange.

I do hope you have an exciting week. Remember to share your layouts using LissyKay templates on the Facebook fan page. I really love seeing your creations as the inspire me to design even more templates!

Sparkle & Shine!

September Mixology Winner & New Guest CT

Voting is complete and we have the winner of the September MixPlayWin. First, I want to thank ALL the scrappers who entered their layouts. It was a tough choice. I loved all the pages and am so proud of your work.

Congratulations to Linda (gallery name: Windswept)! Her layout received the most votes and she has an invitation to be a guest on the LissyKay creative team for the month of November.

Here is the layout she made with the September Mixology kits and received the highest number of votes:

We have the October Mixology coming up later this week, so keep an eye out for a new MixPlayWin!

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Templates in the Shop & BOGO!

Happy October! To those in the northern hemisphere, I hope you are enjoying gorgeous fall weather. And to those in the southern, I envy the warmth you are starting to have. I spent last night chatting with my stepdaughter in New Zealand and was jealous of her plans of heading to the beach.

This week there are two new kits in the shop. One for Halloween and one I kept generic so you can have more flexibility with your layouts. And while they are different topics, they are available at a buy one, get one free and are only $3.20. The sale runs from now until Thursday, October 16, 2014.

My {Spooky} Story

I love Halloween too much and thus there is a second holiday addition to the My Story line. Using the usual suspects, the kit takes some iconic Halloween images and infuses them into the page frame. These will be some of the easiest scrapbook pages you will make. Simply clip your paper or photo to the spots and tah-dah, you have one great layout with any of the templates in My {Spooky} Story.

Shop at GingerScraps | Shop at GoDigitalScrapbooking

Loving Layers

The four templates in the Loving Layers kit are all based on pages I have made for various CT assignments. I felt it was just time to bring these beauties to the shop.

Shop at GingerScraps | Shop at GoDigitalScrapbooking

Creative Inspiration

Here are layouts from the creative team using both kits.

Other News

We are currently holding voting for the November guest creative team member. Check out the layouts submitted and be sure to vote for your favorite. Voting ends Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully you get some scrapping done!