Monday, September 29, 2014

Current Sales, Limited Edition Bundles & a FB Freebie

While no new kits were added to the shops this weekend, I did package up kits I had in one shop and put them in the other. Having done that, there are some discounts and limited edition bundles available this week. There is also a $1 kit, a part of my effort to discount earlier releases so new customers can pick them up. So, on to the sales!

This Moment Kits at GingerScraps

This Moment 1 was the first of the packs I made for the GDS August Mixology. I utilized a technique I created where I mimic the look of a mat found in a custom frame. You can clip or recolor the top layer, then utilize the pre-made cork bevels around each opening to perfectly frame your photos and papers. With this technique, shading is optional. I also wanted to show how you can easily place embellishments and words on to the top of the page frame. You are not limited to a strictly pocket-page look. Use these to build original layouts. Several of the gals on my creative team absolutely love this new style and have been sending me lots of requests for new templates. So this look will continue to pop up throughout my collection. This kit is on sale for only $1.50.

This Moment 2 template kit contains two layouts similar in theme but different in photo quantity. I wanted to give you the option of having a cover page with the one-photo template. Of course, you can may use it for a stand alone layout, I simply wanted you to have options!! The second template is a custom made postage style frame with 5 openings. Fill with 5 photos or use only a few, adding paper, embellishments, journal cards or word art in the remaining openings. The pack is on sale for $1.50.

The This Moment Template Bundle combines both the template packs I created for this promotion. While they are completely different styles, you will find a vast array of uses. Don't let the color palette throw you off. They are generic enough to be used with any color scheme and theme. This bundle is a limited edition pack for only $2.00 this week. This makes it a fantastic value as you will spend on 50 cents a template.

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Yes, this is a proper kit with papers, embellishments and words. I had such a great time making the This Moment Mini Kit. It was actually therapeutic. I even had a chance to build some pieces from scratch (the brads, the charm and frame.) Combined with the outlined look (another favorite of mine), you have a bold kit with all the things you need to make a fast page or two. There are great pieces here for making greeting cards, as well. The kit is on sale for $1.50.

I LOVE paper. When I was paper scrapping, I became a bit of a paper "collector." Textures were so important to me. When I started learning design, I was over the moon knowing I could make paper and add the textures I love most. The This Moment Solid pack is one of my most favorite looks for a solid paper. The canvas texture with hints of white poking through give it a worn look without feeling old. This is a fun pack to add to your basic stash as the colors fit into so many different palettes. The individual pack is on sale for $1.50.

The This Moment Scrap Bundle combines both the mini and solid paper kits for only $2.00. The 50% savings ends up making each kit only $1.00. This is a limited edition bundle. It is here for a short time and once it is gone, the value will be gone.

This Moment Collection contains all four This Moment kits. You will receive both template packs, the mini digital scrapbook kit and the solid paper pack for only $3.50. This is the best value and makes each kit only $0.94.

Catch a Wave at GDS

Catch a Wave -- originally release at GingerScraps for the August Buffet -- can now be picked up at GoDigital. It is also on sale for $2.40 until Thursday, October 2, 2014. This is one of my most favorite kits because of the use of wavy trims to build unique frames. Additional waves contrast the wave frame, really drawing a person's eyes right to the photo. It is all about creating a visual pathway to the most important part of the layout: The Photo Subject!

Dollar Kit

A few times a month I mark down one of my earlier kits to only a $1 so newer customers can pick up kits they have not seen at little expense. One of my loyal gals requested this kit go on sale this week. So Ruth, here is Bits n Pieces just for you! The kit is on sale until Thursday, October 2, 2014.

Prefer to pick it up at GoDigitalScrapbooking? Just click here to go directly to the kit in the GDS shop.

Mixology: Boy's World

Boy's World 1 and Boy's World 2 utilize a map pointer as the focal piece of each kit.

In the Queue

On October 1st, the GingerScraps Buffet shop will open and I will be releasing several Halloween-themed kits. I am a sucker for this holiday and have had fun making my own little monsters (no scary ones) and doing a lot of digital paper piecing. You will find fun templates with parts you can take off and use for other projects. These will be interactive kits. Oh, and yes, there will be a new My Story kit. I am sure you can guess the topic of that one!

New Facebook Freebie

Be sure to stop by the LissyKay Facebook fan page. A new template freebie has been posted and will be available between now and the end of the October. Once iDSD hits, new freebies will be posted. This will be your only chance to grab the new fall template for free.

Want a little inspiration for this new freebie? Here are some stunning samples from a few of my creative team members:


Enjoy all the goodies. I will be back October 1st to show off all the new Buffet kits!

Sparkle & Shine!

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