Monday, August 25, 2014

Tutorial: Resizing Layouts to post on the Web or to Store Galleries

completed by Nancy aka physioscrapper
Creative Team Member - LissyKay Designs

You've made your layout, now the questions are:
'What do I have to do, or how do I resize the page, to post in the store galleries or on the internet?"

This tutorial is primarily for PSE (Photoshop  Elements) and PS (Photoshop - all versions).

Most scrapbooking galleries have a size limit on placement of layout pages.
The general physical size allowed is 600 x 600 pixels with the quality 200 or 250 kb.

At Gingerscraps: *Max size is 600 x 600 pixels and under 250 kb.
At Go Digital Scrapbooking:  your page must be under 300 kb.
There are many galleries that have a maximum of 200 kb.
Please check the galleries that you will be posting at and chose the lowest quality (ie: 200 kb) to save it at or you may have to resize several times when posting.

In the following instructions, I have used one of LissyKay's templates as the 12" x 12" layout example.  The normal course of action is that you would complete your layout; save it as a 12" x 12" layout, and then secondly - resize it for the galleries or web.

Under FILE on the menu bar - go to SAVE for WEB....
 Click "YES" on the pop-up box that appears that says you understand the page is too big.

1) Resize your image.
A 12x12" layout is 3600 px x 3600 px.  Change the box to read 600 x600 pixels as this is what the max size that the galleries will allow.  You will see your image change in size in the preview box once that has been entered.
2.  Make sure bicubic sharpener is chosen.
Click on the arrow beside QUALITY and a drop down menu will appear.
Chose Bicubic Sharpener as we want to sharpen our image as we reduce it's size.
(Bicubic Smoother is used if you were to increase the size of your image.)
Please note:  If you have already sharpened your image before saving, there are instances where using the bicubic sharpener sharpens the image too much; or makes it look too harsh.  In this case just keep the quality at Bicubic (the default).
3.  Metadata:  Usually this can be left at the default of  NONE.
However if you are saving a photo, use the metadata area to list kit supplies and designer, or want to put a copyright on your photo/layout you want to chose the appropriate info from the drop down menu.
Metadata is filled out on your photo/ layout BEFORE saving.  You find the boxes to fill out under
FILE ---> FILE INFO.  Any information you place in the FILE INFO area can be embedded into the 'data' of your layout or picture for future reference.  This is Metadata.

4.  Set quality (usually under 250 or 200 kb).
At the very top right of the page, it says PRESET.
In some versions of PSE you may have to have "CUSTOM" showing.  In this version of PS you just leave it as it appears [Unnamed].
See the little drop down menu icon to the Preset box right.
Click on this, and a  menu appears with a few options.  Choose:  OPTIMIZE to FILE SIZE.

In the box that appears type:  195 kb.  (if the gallery with the lowest quality setting is 200 kb).
If the gallery you use has a maximum of 250 kb... then I would type in 245.
(You could type in 200/ 250, but I've personally found that sometimes the galleries won't accept numbers that are very close to it's maximum.)
Click on "OK".
 AND PRESTO!   Your image is resized perfectly for the gallery.

5.  To finish:  CLICK on SAVE.
(I have a yearly file just for email sized versions to avoid confusion when uploading to galleries.)

Very quick and easy once you've done it the first time!


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