Friday, August 15, 2014

Tutorial: Create a double page layout / using a double page template

written by Nancy aka physioscrapper / LissyKay's creative team member.

Double page layouts are easy to make and often are the answer to documenting those events that have many pictures.  You can make a double page spread with your own design, use 2 - 12x12" templates and put them side by side, or use a double page template that has been pre-made for you.  Making both pages at the same time saves time looking for paper and elements; as well it coordinates your theme/ story perfectly.  Double pages are also excellent for those doing Project 52, 12 or pocket page layouts documenting your life.

This tutorial is made using a Photoshop program, but will work for Photoshop Elements just as easily (all work-arounds are written out.). 

Here are the 7 easy steps to making a double page layout. (If you already have the double page made and just want to know how to split it... go down to STEP 6)

1.  Open a page that is 24 inches wide and 12 inches in length with a 300 ppi.
***If you are going to make a double page without a template, then just start working away on this blank document and go to STEP  6 for completion. You may want to check out Step 5 - adding a guide.
2.  Find Two (2) 12x12" templates you wish to put together, or a single double page template.
3.  Open each of the templates in a separate document.  At this point you will have THREE (3) documents open.
  • The blank 24 x 12" document (mine is titled Happy Birthday Allie)
  • One 12 x 12" template with all the layers showing - which you will use for the right side of the page
  • One 12x12" template with all the layers showing - which you will use for the left side of the page.
I am going to use LissyKay's: It's Your Birthday Templates.  This template package comes with 4 single and 2 double page templates (one for girls and another for boys).
Below you can see that I have 3 documents open and the last right side of the page is showing.
4.  We will now move and combine all the layers of the 2 templates to our blank document.
Go to the template you will use for the right side of the page.  Click on the top layer, HOLD down SHIFT, and click on the bottom layer to highlight them all.
 Right click while having your mouse hoover over the blue highlighted layers, Choose duplicate layers, then choose the name of  your blank document (in my case Happy Birthday Allie)... Click OK.
 This will be what your previously blank document now looks like.
 Repeat the process above for the other template and place it on the right side of your previously blank document.
*** If the template centers itself instead of going to the right or left of the document, OR if the second template places itself directly over the first template;  Keep all the layers of the just moved template highlighted, chose the MOVE tool and slide the layers across to where they should be.  After the template is "in place" deselect the layers by clicking on any one of the layers. ***
NOTE:  You can't just place the psd or tiff file directly on the blank page as the layers won't show or open up.  To get the layers to show you must open the templates up first as separate documents, then move them across.

Below is the completed double page template ready to be work with.
 5.  Make a center guide (so you won't put a picture or certain elements right where it will get sliced when you make your single template/layout into 2 pages for printing or displaying.)
In PSE and PS it is very easy to make a 'center guide' .
In Photoshop, go to View, Make sure RULERS is checked, then Show, and make sure 'Smart Guides' is checked.
To make the guide: Click on the ruler on the left, and drag a line across until it is at the 12" or center position.
To get rid of the guide click on the line and drag it quickly back toward the ruler where it will snap and be gone. This guide will not show up if you printed directly from the psd file later, so it can be left.
You can go View, New Guide, choose Vertical and put 12 in the box for position.
(You do have to make sure inches is your chosen measurement tool... found in Edit/ Preferences.)
IN PSE and other programs:  You can see if your version of PSE has a ruler by checking for it under View, then see if Rulers is an option.  If so please check it.  You can set the Units eg: centimeters or inches under EDIT - PREFERENCES.

To make your guide, make a new layer at the top of your templates layers.  Use the line too, and draw a 10 pixel black line from the top to bottom of the page  and place it at the 12" or center of your document.  When you are finished making your layout you can either turn off its visibility or discard the layer before printing.
The line tool is found by right clicking on the Shapes tool to see the drop down menu.
If you hold down the SHIFT key while drawing your line, it will be perfectly straight.

Now go ahead and make up your layout.  Make sure you SAVE regularly!! If you lose this document there is a lot to redo!

Here is my completed double page layout... (I modified the template so that it will work for letter sized papers.  Instead of 24" x 12" in size, mine is 22" x 8.5".)   
I LOVE those plastic tag pockets which LissyKay used and included in these templates!!

6.  Save your page as a psd file to retain the layers (just in case you want to alter something once you see how it is cut)  AND now ALSO as a jpeg.  You can close the psd page and OPEN the jpeg layout from where you saved it to.

7. Grab the CROP tool, make sure it is set for 12 in x 12 inches.  Draw an outline around the left 1/2 of your page.  Click on the check mark or double click within the selection to accept it.  
There you have a "LEFT PAGE"!!!  Save immediately as LEFT SIDE (as a jpeg).

NOW HAVE NO FEAR... remember we have an UNDO in PSE and PS! :) that we will use to do the right side of the page.
(If you don't have an undo, you will have to open your original jpeg doc twice and split one as right and the other as left.)
Below is my left side ready to be cropped. (I added a black border for 12" x 12" demonstration purposes only.)

Once you have the left side saved, click UNDO (or Control/command 'Z') - the full page should show back up and you repeat the process with the right side.
Below is my right side now ready to be saved.
** If you don't have an 'undo' with your photo program, another work around is by using the rectangle marquee tool. Make a selection around the left 1/2 of the page, duplicate that 1/2 onto a separate layer.  Then move that layer or duplicate JUST THAT LAYER to a new document and save. Repeat by using the marquee tool on the left side of the page, duplicating the left 1/2 onto a separate layer. and saving as above.
*** Remember when posting to galleries...the largest side of the page can only be 600 px.  So many people will post each of the single pages (600 x600), and also post the double image, but it's dimensions would be 600 x 300 px.  ***

Sassy Sweet Kit by Connie Prince
Some blue papers from Bug Off by Connie Prince
Balloons, balloon dog, #2 candle from Scrap Orchard  designer collab.- And Many More
Template: It's Your Birthday templatesby LissyKay Designs :



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