Monday, August 25, 2014

August Mixology Kits Now Available, New Contest

Happy Mixology! I have two template packs and something I have never released before...a mini kit! For those not familiar with Mixology, GoDigiralScrapbooking designers are given the same color palette and theme. We then make smaller kits than we normally would so that during the sale period you can mix and match for only $1.20 a kit.

This month I have four packs available: 2 template kit, 1 mini kit and a solid paper kit. Yes, you read that correctly. I have a mini kit and paper pack. Figured it was time to expand my horizons.

Here are the kits available, which are on sale for $1.20 until September 5, 2014.

This Moment 1 (Template Pack)

This Moment 1 uses a new technique I just started using last week. To recreate the beveled mat look you see in custom framing, these templates have a layer just for the beveled chipboard. This allows you to recolor or clip to match your layouts. Of course, you may leave it as is and still get clean lines and wonderful focal points. All the boxes are set up to easily clip paper and photos to. This pack is slightly different from my other beveled kit. This one shows how to add embellishments on top of the layout filled with cuts into the top layer. The kit is only $1.20 until September 5th.

This Moment 2 (Template Pack)

This Moment 2 is the second template pack available. This kit plays with grunge backgrounds and incorporates some of my favorite elements. I wanted to give you templates which allow you to make layouts fast. I figured with school just starting, most of us won't have a lot time to scrap, but these will let you knock out your pages in no time. You can also combine these two templates together to make a double page. I was thinking about my daughter's first day of school when I made these. I have one page for the big photo of her on her first day, and the second template allows me to put a series of shots from her first day. This kit is also on sale for $1.20 until September 5th.

This Moment Mini Kit

Yes, your are seeing correctly. No tricks here. This is a mini digital scrapbook kit. I have been playing for sometime and finally worked the nerve up to release This Moment Mini Kit. I have been making paper and elements for some time in the shop collabs, but I figured it was time to put my name on my work. I have really been into the doodled/lined look. Many of you know I have been recovering from spine surgery, which means a lot of time stuck in bed. I really needed something to do to overcome boredom. And I so love playing with styles and textures. Long story short, I have a mini kit to show you what I have been up to the last month. You can pick up this mini kit for only $1.20 until September 5th.

This Moment Solid Papers 

Can't have a mini kit with a great set of solids. With a scuffed canvas look. This Moment Solid papers has all the colors you need for backgrounds, mats and clipping to anything you need. They even look great clipped to the beveled edges of This Moment 1 template kit. I am such a texture person and love the canvas look. This pack is $1.20 until September 5th.

Mix. Play. Win.

It is time for Mix.Play.Win. This is the monthly opportunity to pick up one of my Mixology template packs and earn a $4 gift card and a chance to win a guest spot on my creative team. Here is how it works:

Be sure to post your layouts and add the links in the comment section. You have until Saturday, September 6, 2014 to post your links. Then on Monday, September 8, 2014, all the layouts will be posted for voting. The winner of the vote will be the guest creative team member for the month of October.

Enjoy these new kits. I do hope you have fun scrapping with them!

Sparkle & Shine!


  1. Here is my, wasn't sure I was going to be able to enter this month, but glad I was able to. Love the great templates

    1. Gorgeous page! I am glad you were able to sneak a few minutes in to make it. I love it.

  2. Here's my page :) Glad I decided to enter again. I LOVE your templates and this contest helps me get pages done!!! Onward to finishing my baby's first months baby book!!

  3. Here is my layout. I loved the look of the big photo template but I had 2 pics I wanted to use, so I added another spot.

  4. Here is my layout. Almost forgot to come link it here.

    1. oops - forgot the 3rd link: