Saturday, July 12, 2014

Get Your Cluster on with New Flower Power Template Kit

It's a new weekend, another new kit and it is 50% off for one week only. Take a look at the new Flower Power digital scrapbook template kit! This kit is perfect for both those who love using floral embellishments and those who enjoy adding clusters. You can easily follow the cluster patterns and add different elements.

This kit is at both shops. Click on the shop you prefer to shop at:

My team has done an amazing job with these templates. You will find samples to use "as is." You will see some altered to make a different look. The possibilities are endless. Watch for those who replaced flowers with other embellishments but still kept the pattern and position.


Scrap Stacks

This month I helped launch a new feature at Scrap Stacks. Every month there will be a Scrap Stacks Template Challenge on the site's blog. Stop by and pick up the template I created for July. Here's a look at the free template you can download:

Coming Up

Next week there will be more releases and a sneak peek/giveaway will be posted Monday on the LissyKay Facebook page.

On Friday, July 18,2014, I am hosting the Mad Page chat at Ginger Scraps. Stop by the chat room and play the LissyKay version of Mad Libs. You get to help build an exclusive template available to those who attend.

Have a relaxing weekend and get some scrapping done!

Sparkle & Shine!


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