Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Celebration

Memorial Day is around the corner and with it comes school ending, summer activities beginning and life slows down just a bit as we enjoy sunny days and endless play. I also have such an appreciation for Memorial Day for other reasons. My father served in the military, as did my grandfather. My great grandfather lost his life in World War 2. And while reading the family Bible, I learned military service was a common thread among the men in my family line. I even had a (can't quite remember how many greats) grandfather who was a captain in the American Revolution for the Patriots side. Bottom line: I have gratitude and reverence for what these men did.

In honor of this special holiday, my shops at GingerScraps and GoDigitalScrapbooking are 40% from now through May 27, 2014.

New Releases

Along with the store-wide sale, there are several new releases this weekend. Bigger is Better was designed after 4 different layouts I created for various creative teams. I really like making layouts with one large photo. Sometimes you snap your camera and you know you have a special treasure with that image. These templates are designed to display that one picture and give it all the attention it deserves. Often with larger photos, you have room to put a title or quote on the photo, and even hang elements over the edge onto the pic. This kit will be 50% off between now and Thursday, May 29, 2014. You can pick it up at either shop for $2.00.


The creative team has some gorgeous examples of how you can use Bigger is Better. You will see some even flipped the template to use for longer instead of wider photos.


My {Crazy} Story is part of the My Story series. The series gives pocket pages a face lift, making them different than your average layout. This kit still has the page frame you love, but this time no squares and rectangles. We are getting a little quirky and we like it. When I handed this kit to my creative team, I was quite nervous. I wondered if they would "get" it and find it usable. Boy, did they show me up! Not only did they prove it is usable, they showed you could make dynamic layouts, add lots of pictures and create something people want to see. This kit is at both shops at 50% off. From now through Thursday, May 29, 2014, you can purchase the kit for $1.75.


And here are the pages from the creative team I mentioned above. These are fantastic examples of what you can do with My {Crazy} Story. These are certainly outside of the normal lines of pocket pages, Life projects and traditional layouts.


Mixology at GDS

Beach Trip 1 is the first of 2-template packs I created for the May Mixology at GoDigitalScrapbooking. For those unfamiliar with Mixology, basically all the designers have the same color palette and we design small kits priced at $1.20 for two weeks. I went a little on the artsy side with these. Several layers of paint you can clip paper, color or photos to. These are really a fun way to experiment with artsy templates.

The creative team provides a variety of examples of how you can use the templates in Beach Trip 1.


Beach Trip 2 is the second Mixology pack I have for May. These templates are also artsy but with different paint styles. I want to give scrappers a chance to experiment with a variety of digital paint. This kit is also $1.20 for two weeks.

Again, the creative team went above and beyond to show the myriad of ways you can use these templates.


Facebook Fan Gift

Love Your Country is the new fan freebie you may download at the LissyKay Designs Facebook page. It was designed with Memorial Day in mind. I played with a variety of flag shapes but opted to go with a heart, thus leading to the name of the template. And the flag stripes of the U.S. flag were not cutesie enough for me so I added a variety of trims for you to play with. Clip paper or fill with color, or add borders and fibers from your favorite kit.

I just made this template available Friday night, so the team has not had a lot of time to make samples. I was thrilled to find Maria and Shelly made these up so I could at least show a few ideas. I would love to see your layouts. Post to the LissyKay page or leave in a gallery (send me the link.) I enjoy looking at what scrappers do with my templates.


From the Galleries

I had a walk through the gallery at GoDigitalScrapbooking and knew the moment I saw this layout, "Weathering Storms" by 6grand, I would share it with y'all. The template is from the kit Corner to Corner. Two things I want to point out: First, I really like the print background. It adds a texture to the layout which gives it depth. Second, LOVE the fibers, swirls, grass and leaves under the the flowers really making for a darling cluster.

While browsing the GingerScraps gallery, I stumbled on this beautiful layout "Besties" by Jenn18. First, it reminded me why I fell in love with the Gumballs kit. The circles with the frames were my absolute favorite piece out of the whole kit. Second, I was sucked in by this layout because of the photos, colors and paper/ellies choices the scrapper made. This is a great example of how a major vertical and major horizontal line can look balanced on a laout. And the mixing of paper patterns adds so much depth to the page.

Since these two gals had layouts selected to be featured in this week's post, they have won a kit of their choice. So Jenn18 and 6grand, shoot me an email with what kit from which shop you would like to receive for free.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday. And while you are having fun, take just a few minutes to remember and salute those who served your country to protect the freedoms you love.

Sparkle & Shine!

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