Saturday, April 19, 2014

Party Time: Official Store Opening!

Some may be wondering what is going on...after all, my two shops have been up and running. So why am I having a grand opening? It is simple; I kind of tip toed into (GDS) without any fanfare or celebration. And having a big deal weekend actually benefits you because everything is on sale and there are a lot of freebies. No more beating around the bush...


New Release

This week's new release at GDS, From the Top, was a bit of a surprise. I had not planned on making any new kits this week, but I started making tons of paper strips on my screen. Next thing you know, I had two templates and ideas for several more. I love the multiple paper strip stacks because these templates allow you to pile the paper on in a constructive way. I personally like a little bit of a heavier shadow because of the visual depth, but some of my creative team members made their shadows lighter and the layout still looked fantastic. Have fun with these and let your imagination run wild. You can substitute the strips for so many other items: Embellishments, photos, letters, words, etc.

Here are the gorgeous layouts from the creative team:

30% Off Store Wide

All LissyKay kits at both GingerScraps and GoDigitalScrapbooking are 30% between April 18th to April 30th. It is a great time to stock up, grab items from your wish list or jump right in to try LissyKay templates for the first time. Previously released kits now at GDS are:

And at GingerScraps, the previously released To the Moon is now available: This template kit was originally designed in conjunction with LyllahRaven Designs' To the Moon digital scrapbook kit. The Lyllah kit is perfect for capturing moments of your little aspiring astronaut. It also works with anything or anyone you think is out of this world. I also learned from my creative team that these templates work splendidly with birthday layouts. (You will see what I mean when you get to the layouts my gals created.)

$1.25 Friday at GDS

Every Friday, GDS designers choose kits from their shop to be sold for only $1.25 for one day only. There are two LissyKay template kits in the Friday special. However, to continue the grand opening celebration Corner to Corner and White Noise will be $1.25 all weekend. Grab them while they are at this outrageous price.

Grand Opening Freebies

In honor of the grand opening at GDS there are four possible freebies for you to pick up. First, head over to GDS to pick up the Daily Download. It is only available for one day:

The second freebie is available on the LissyKay Facebook page. If you "like" the page, you are able to access the "Fan Gift" tab. Just a quick note: You will not be asked for any personal information to download the template.

Newsletter subscribers will receive this template. If you are not a subscriber, sign up here and those who do register between now and Thursday, April 24, 2014, will receive this template via an email from me. I will check each night all the new subscribers and then send the newbies the download link.

Finally, the fourth freebie and it is available right here. Simply click on the image to download automatically.
you can also download here.

If you collect all four templates, you will have the complete All Squared kit.

Layout Contest

On Monday, a new contest will be posted and the winner will receive a month worth of free kits and a guest position on the LissyKay creative team. Check back Monday for contest details.

I hope you enjoy all the new templates, including the freebies. I had a lot of fun making the kits for this week. And please have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Sparkle & Shine!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tutorial: My Story Templates & Project 365 Layouts

The My Story templates have become the most popular templates in the LissyKay lines. They were designed to add some flair to your pocket page and Project 365/52 layouts. They include thematic shapes, words and a page frame, which are a bit unusual for pocket books.

I have been so impressed with the many different ways scrappers have used these templates. They really have taken on a life of their own and every week I learn something new about these templates. And while everyone has their own little tricks, there are some basic principles which work, regardless of which My Story template you use.

Creative team member Sarah Burkett, known for being a fabulous pocket scrapper, took time out of her very busy schedule to show how she uses these templates for her Project scrapbook. In this video tutorial, she takes scrappers step-by-step from shadowing to how to position photos. She uses My {Lucky} Story in her example, but the techniques work for any of the templates in the My Story family.

Do you have any tips to share on how you use the My Story templates? Leave a comment so we can feature your suggestions in future tutorials.

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Releases for Spring and Easter

What a weekend we had. We were without Internet and TV for 12 hours. That was a slap in the face as to how much I rely on web access to get work done. By the time everything was up and running it was time for me to disappear. There is a group of digi gals in Utah who get together every other month to scrap, socialize and learn about a designer who happens to be local. First off, wow! There are quite a few talented, well-known designers in my backyard. And second, to socialize and learn from this group was amazing. I like to think I have new friends who understand me because we wander in the same world. (If you live in Utah or plan to visit here, take a look at Digi Night Out.)

Here is a look at what did get released this past weekend. So the Story Goes is first up. This set started with a layout I did in which I needed the photos to tell the story as there would be few words on the page. That layout became template number 1. From there, the next few templates just happened. This was one of those kits in which all the right energy was flowing.


And what kind of template designer would I be if I didn't give you My {Easter} Story, the latest in the My Story line. Add some seasonal personality to your pocket pages or give your traditional pages a twist with the page frame.

See what the creative team came up with when using So the Story Goes:

And here is what they did with My {Easter} Story:

We are halfway through April, so there is still time to shop the LissyKay store at GingerScraps for 30% off. It is part of my April Designer Spotlight special.

Have fun playing with the new kits, and please share your layouts. It has been fun featuring them on the FB page. 

Sparkle & Shine!