Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Template Kits in the Shop

It is snowing! I really wish I could stay home in bed rather than bundling up to head to the office. Sometimes it is just too cold to go out. I have lived in Utah for 12 years and I am still not use to the cold. I really miss my warm winters in Texas.

Enough with my reminiscing. You are here to see new kits! Three kits are now in the shop. I had a lot of fun making these templates and most are based on layouts I have I know they work. The creative team has done some remarkable work with them. Every time I give them a kit, I am in awe of their talent. (Soon you will get to know who they are as I am working on my CT page for the site.)

Here is the first kit, Behind the Mask. I was getting lots of requests for masks. Tah-dah! There are a variety of small and large ones. I love playing with my paint brushes, it feels like therapy. I had a blast making these.

Next up is Shake It. This really did a few things for me: First, it reminded me of my childhood and the Polaroid camera I had. I would take pictures of everything -- family, friends, the cat, trees, grass, bugs, rocks...if I could see it, I took a shot. Second, the whole time I worked on this kit, I had the song "Hey Ya!" by Outkast in my head -- " Shake it, shake shake shake shake it, like a Polaroid picture...." -- thus the name of the kit. For those of us who remember Polaroids: do you remember shaking that picture as if it would hurry the processing time. Finally, it seems the frames really help the picture pop and the eye is immediately drawn to it. It is important to me to make the photo the focal point of any layout.

Finally, the fourth installment of the My Story series. You may have noticed I am playing with shapes and curves. I love the idea behind the pocket page. Just because you need a fast way to put pages together doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun. (You will see some great examples from my creative team.) Life project pages are a cinch with My Story, Vol 4. You also have the option of using the page frame to give your layout a clean look. And if you are not a pocket page or life scrapper, you still can have fun with these templates. Don't be afraid to add embellishments on top of the frame. (A few of my CT are becoming pros when it comes to decorating the page frame.

Now my favorite part, I get to show off what my creative team made. We also have a few guest artists contributing this week. Here is your weekly inspiration to get your creativity going:

Thank you to all you entered this week's giveaway. We actually ended up with two because we hit another "like" milestone on Facebook. First up, the blog winner who will receive Behind the Mask. The winner is:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Facebook winner will be announced on Facebook.

It has been a great week. I have enjoyed designing these wonderful and versatile templates. I hope you love them as much as I do. There will be even more fun next weekend. Now off to finish up the newsletter so I can finally get this free template out to my subscribers. In case you forgot, here is the template you will receive:

Have a safe weekend. Enjoy scrapping. Remember to share your layouts with me by posting to the LissyKay Designs gallery at GingerScraps. And know you can always contact me with questions, concerns and even requests for templates.

Sparkle and Shine!

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