Monday, February 24, 2014

50% Off Flash Sale, 8 Hours Only

For the next 8 hours, anyone who uses a special code can pick up anything they want from the LissyKay shop at GingerScraps. Fill your cart because the code can only be used one time per person.

Where to Shop: LissyKay Designs at GingerScraps
When: Until 10pm MST, Monday, February 24th
Code: Flash-50%off

If you have not tried LissyKay templates, here is your chance to grab a few at half off. If you have tried them, now you can pick some up from your wish list.

Don't wait too long, the code will only work today and will not be valid after 10pm MST.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Playful New Templates in the Shop

It has been a fun week for my family. We celebrated my husband's birthday...although I had to keep asking him how old he was now. And then I had to ask a few times how old I am. That is how crazy life has been: I can't remember my own age. The good part is, I am keeping busy and truly enjoying the direction life is headed.

Two new releases are in the shop this weekend. You can now pick up It's A Cut and My {Home} Story. Here is a look at these two digital scrapbook template kits:

Both kits will be 30% off from February 21-27, 2014. You can pick up both kits for $2.80 each. And some kits already in the shop have been marked down. The discounts will appear automatically when you place the kits in your cart and go to check out.

My creative team was also busy this week making gorgeous layouts. They really went to town and you have a lot of inspiration here:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's sneak peek/giveaway. We had a lot of enteries, so it seems only far to pick two winners, again. The two winners are:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Please send me an email so I can get your custom codes to you to pick up It's A Cut.

Check your email for the LissyKay newsletter before you go shopping. Subscribers get a little bonus this week.

Next week will be quite busy with two days of releases. Friday will be a normal release day, but Saturday is the 1st of the Month. That means the Buffet will be open at GingerScraps and there will be lots of kits at a HUGE discount. There will also be even more sneak peeks, giveaways and new freebies.

Stay safe and have a fantastic weekend.

Sparkle & Shine!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's New on Friday, February 21, 2014

I am too impatient! Here is a look at what will be in the LissyKay Designs shop on Friday, February 21, 2014.

Both kits will be on sale from February 21-27, 2014.

And tomorrow, newsletter subscribers will receive an additional discount. Check your email on Friday for the code!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time for a New Sneak Peek and Giveaway

I am sometimes baffled at how quick a week goes by now that I am designing. Just as I finish up new kits, get them to the shop and all the promo work that goes with it, it is time to start up for the new week. I am not complaining, I love it. I just don't ever remember weeks going by this quickly. (The best part is Alan does all the cooking since I am attached to the computer the moment I get home from work.)

With that, here is a sneak peek at one of the kits going into the shop on Friday, February 21, 2014:

And someone will get a chance to win this kit. Just follow the steps below to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced this weekend.

Just a reminder, today is the last day to shop the LissyKay store while everything is 30% off. Pick up those kits you have been keeping any eye on.

Friday will be fun with all the new releases and the amazing layouts from my creative team. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love-Themed Kits Now Available

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And if you celebrate Valentine's Day, that it was exceptional. We are a bit low key in my house. Although it would not have mattered. I have been sleeping all weekend, fighting some illness. I did wake up to a beautiful pot of daisies which I will be able to plant in the garden...if the weather ever warms up. My husband, Alan, has improved with his gift giving over the years. I could spend a couple of blog posts making you laugh over the gifts I have received for anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. He is a great husband, and that is most important. In fact, we were stopped by an older Scottish woman just the other day. I was having a hard time carrying stuff and she came over to help just as Alan was walking up to help me. We talked for a moment, and she said she could tell we were a perfect couple who loved one another. Now that is the best gift...our love being strong enough others can see.

So I created template kits this week in honor of Valentine's Day but I didn't want them to only apply to February 14th. My anniversary was on the 4th, so that was more of my inspiration.

The first kit is a collection to create layouts about your the one you love most. It could be your partner, a child, even a beloved pet. One True Love is simply about the most important thing in your life.

The second kit fits with the My Story series. This is the pocket-page templates that work for life projects, easy to scrap pockets and your traditional layouts. And as some know, I can't stick with just squares and rectangles. I need to, for creative reasons, change things up to be happy with it. My Story Volume 5 add some fun love to any pocket page layout.

Finally, these is the My {Basic} Story, a set of basic templates for collage, P365/52, anything requiring a lot of photos. One of my creative team members said it was perfect for her monthly review pages.


My creative team is exceptionally talented and created amazing layouts. Here are their pages with this week's releases.

30% Off Store Wide

The grand opening sale is over, but there is a 30% off everything in my shop as part of my Be Your Own Valentine sale. The way I see it, no one shops better for you than yourself. The sale goes on till the 18th.

The Winner Is...

We had a great response, so there are two winners of this kit.

Congrats to Conny and Carla. Please email me at lissykaydesigns AT gmail DOT com so I can get the codes to you.

Newsletter Subscribers

For those receiving the newsletter, you will receive this template. I had something else planned, but decided at the last minute to do something from a new line I have coming out.
Download template.

The strips are for a photo, so it will end up looking like this:

Have fun with the layout. And if you post them online, please let me know. I would love to see it.

Bits & Pieces

Don't forget, there are a few creative team spots open. See the post about what is available and how to apply.

Next weekend the blog and newsletter will go out on the day of releases. Between being ill and finishing up the last of some commitments, I can now focus on LKD and be able to work on material sooner.

Have a wonderful week and look for more sneak peeks and giveaways in the next few days.

Sparkle & Shine!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sneak Peek & Giveaway for February 14, 2014

It is official...I love designing. I am in love with designing digital scrapbook templates. I have seen some beautiful layouts with my templates, and I am in awe of what you ladies are creating. I am also humbled by the response. It inspires me to create even more.

I have so many ideas planned for kits, but not enough time in the day to do all I want. I finally gave my husband a kiss and told him good bye. He laughs at me but he is so supportive of this new adventure. It is nice to have someone say, "I will make dinner and do the dishes, you go design." Yes ladies, I will rent him out!

On Friday, there will be four new releases in the LissyKay Designs shop at GingerScraps. I decided to go ahead and do a few love-themed kits since it will be Valentine's Day, but never fear, there will be some non-love themes. Remember, you don't have to scrap V-day (no Nancy, not Victory Day) just because there are hearts. First, you could always replace the hearts with flowers, a sun, or just a frame. If you want to keep the hearts in place, you could always do layouts for Mother's Day, an anniversary, weddings, engagements or a simple date night. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run when faced with a template kit you really like but don't have the right kit or photos for the obvious theme.

Now on to the sneak peek. Here is a snapshot of one of the kits to be released Friday:

Would you like to win this kit? (You should be shaking your head with an emphatic YES!) It is easy, just follow the steps bellow and you are officially entered. Be sure to gather the extra points to increase your odds.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline to enter is Friday, February 14, 2014, at 6:00am EST.

There are only a few days left to pick up kits at 40% off. The shop sale in on until February 13th, end of day.

There will be a gift in this weekend's newsletter. I hope everyone enjoyed last week's newsletter freebie. If you want to be in the know of all things LissyKay and want to grab this week's subscriber freebie, be sure to sign up for the newsletter before Friday.

Enjoy your week! I will be gearing up for Friday and the loads of fun new release days bring.

Sparkle & Shine!

PS: There is another sneak peek/giveaway on my Facebook page. Stop over to enter to win a different template kit.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Creative Team Positions Available

LissyKay Designs is now accepting creative team applications for Pocket Page and/or Project 365/52 layout artists, Tutorial Writers and Advertising Managers.

The PP and P365/52 artists will work primarily with the My Story template line. The hope is to really show off what the templates are capable of looking like and to show others how to apply them to their Project pages. It is important to know that those who are chosen will be required to post to GingerScraps, as well as Facebook and Pinterest.

With the growth of the LissyKay Designs website, there is a need to include content for the new teaching section. Tutorial writers are needed to provide content useful to digital scrappers of all skill levels. Writing skills are essential, but some techniques can be taught.

Advertising Managers will help with promoting product on various forums and sites catering to digital scrappers. It will be helpful to have someone already familiar with the sites and have knowledge of writing etiquette. Sites can be determined and skills taught for those willing to learn.

All positions receive product and shop access as compensation.

Specific details are available on the CT Application page. The application form can be found there, or the application can be accessed here.

It will be thrilling to add even more talent to our incredible team. We currently have 12 layout artists and 2 Pocket artists. The team is filled with wonderful women with fantastic personalities. It truly is a great team to be a part of.

I look forward to hearing from you wonderful ladies!

Sparkle & Shine!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Template Kits in the Shop

It is snowing! I really wish I could stay home in bed rather than bundling up to head to the office. Sometimes it is just too cold to go out. I have lived in Utah for 12 years and I am still not use to the cold. I really miss my warm winters in Texas.

Enough with my reminiscing. You are here to see new kits! Three kits are now in the shop. I had a lot of fun making these templates and most are based on layouts I have I know they work. The creative team has done some remarkable work with them. Every time I give them a kit, I am in awe of their talent. (Soon you will get to know who they are as I am working on my CT page for the site.)

Here is the first kit, Behind the Mask. I was getting lots of requests for masks. Tah-dah! There are a variety of small and large ones. I love playing with my paint brushes, it feels like therapy. I had a blast making these.

Next up is Shake It. This really did a few things for me: First, it reminded me of my childhood and the Polaroid camera I had. I would take pictures of everything -- family, friends, the cat, trees, grass, bugs, rocks...if I could see it, I took a shot. Second, the whole time I worked on this kit, I had the song "Hey Ya!" by Outkast in my head -- " Shake it, shake shake shake shake it, like a Polaroid picture...." -- thus the name of the kit. For those of us who remember Polaroids: do you remember shaking that picture as if it would hurry the processing time. Finally, it seems the frames really help the picture pop and the eye is immediately drawn to it. It is important to me to make the photo the focal point of any layout.

Finally, the fourth installment of the My Story series. You may have noticed I am playing with shapes and curves. I love the idea behind the pocket page. Just because you need a fast way to put pages together doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun. (You will see some great examples from my creative team.) Life project pages are a cinch with My Story, Vol 4. You also have the option of using the page frame to give your layout a clean look. And if you are not a pocket page or life scrapper, you still can have fun with these templates. Don't be afraid to add embellishments on top of the frame. (A few of my CT are becoming pros when it comes to decorating the page frame.

Now my favorite part, I get to show off what my creative team made. We also have a few guest artists contributing this week. Here is your weekly inspiration to get your creativity going:

Thank you to all you entered this week's giveaway. We actually ended up with two because we hit another "like" milestone on Facebook. First up, the blog winner who will receive Behind the Mask. The winner is:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Facebook winner will be announced on Facebook.

It has been a great week. I have enjoyed designing these wonderful and versatile templates. I hope you love them as much as I do. There will be even more fun next weekend. Now off to finish up the newsletter so I can finally get this free template out to my subscribers. In case you forgot, here is the template you will receive:

Have a safe weekend. Enjoy scrapping. Remember to share your layouts with me by posting to the LissyKay Designs gallery at GingerScraps. And know you can always contact me with questions, concerns and even requests for templates.

Sparkle and Shine!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

All Kits 40% Off at LissyKay Designs

The grand opening celebration of LissyKay Designs is still happening! All kits (even new ones) are 40% off
until February 13, 2014.

Don't miss your chance to pick up digital scrapbook templates for only $2.40.

And please share your layouts with me. I would love to feature pages on my website. You can post them in the LissyKay Designs gallery at GingerScraps.

Check back this weekend for the release of three new kits, as well as the announcement of two winners.

Sparkle and Shine!

Comment Section Fixed

A reader left me a note on my personal blog, letting me know non Google+ accounts could not leave comments on my blog. As much as I love the Google+ comment feature, it was not as important as my template users.

I have removed that particular comment feature so anyone may comment. I really do value your ideas and love having them shared. I want to make templates you will love, so continue to share your ideas with me. My creative team will be the first to tell you, I make what you need.

Sparkle and Shine!

2nd Sneak Peek/Giveaway on the LissyKay FB Page

In preparing for this Friday's release, I created a second sneak peek and decided to do a giveaway on the LissyKay Designs Facebook page since we hit another milestone with the number of Likes. Take a look at the sneak peek of the kit someone will win!

Stop by the Facebook page and leave a comment in the thread. Be sure to read the question I would love to get feedback on.

I am really looking forward to Friday and showing you the fun kits I had so much fun creating!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sneak Peek for February 7, 2014

I am rather excited to have my first sneak peak on my blog. On Friday, February 7, 2014, new template kits will be available at my LissyKay Designs shop at GingerScraps. I know it is less than 2 days away, but it is never too late to host a giveaway.

Here is a look at one of the fun new kits you will see in the shop and someone will have the chance to win it.

Here is what you can do to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit back this weekend to see all the new releases and who will win one of the new kits.

During the grand opening, the newsletter was put on hold so this weekend all subscribers will receive a gift. Be sure you are signed up to receive a free template from one of LissyKay's signature lines.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

LissyKay Designs Grand Opening at GingerScraps

It is official! LissyKay Designs is now open at GingerScraps!

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the amazing family of designers and scrapbookers. My template designs have been wonderfully welcomed. Now the adventure begins.

We will be celebrating the grand opening by having 40% off all my kits between now and February 13, 2014. In addition to the new kits, I also have two kits in the February Buffet. (This is when all the GingerScrap designers create kits with the same color palette and they are available at a huge discount.)

Here are my new kits along with the gorgeous layouts from my talented creative team.

Just You

My Story, Volume 1

My Story, Volume 2

Take Three

Shabby Love

My Story, Volume 3

There are lots of fun freebies for the grand opening. On the LissyKay Designs Facebook page you can pick up My Story Celebration:

Newsletter subscribers will receive My Story Rockstar. (There is still time to sign up for the LissyKay newsletter. The newsletter will go out several hours after this post.)

And My {Insta} Story 2 is available here:
Download here.

Thank you for all the support. I am so humbled by the outpouring of love and friendship. I hope you enjoy what I create and please share your work with me. You can post your layouts to the LissyKay Designs gallery at GingerScraps.

Stay tuned, there will be so many more new kits and wonderful surprises over the next two weeks.

DSA February Blog Train Freebie

Welcome! You are here via the DSA February Blog Train.

 Things might look sparse on this is only because you are here during an exciting time! For years I have mixed my scrapping and personal blogging over at Now that I am designing, it is time for me to separate the two. And January 31, 2014, was the launch of my new shop at GingerScraps.

One of the staples in my template line is the My Story series. In it I have given the pocket page a face lift. You have an optional frame for the page to give you clean lines and new things to decorate. And I am playing with shapes, angles, curves...I never was very good at staying in a box.

Here is the limited addition My Story Swirls:

Download template file

It will be available as a free download for the month of February 2014.

If you would like to see more of the My Story line, visit my LissyKay Designs shop at GingerScraps. I also have more traditional templates, as well.

There are still lots of fun freebies on my personal site. You are welcome to grab any templates you would like to play with.

If you would like to stay up to speed on all the fun new product announcements, sales, specials, freebies, contests and lots more, sign up for my newsletter and head over to Facebook and like my page. (There are freebies on FB, as well!)

Have a fun February and know I love to see what people make with my templates. Leave a link in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Sparkle and Shine!